Coffeedesk Próżna

Próżna 7, 00-107

Photograph by Ewelina Wiercińska

The newest and the youngest coffee shop in Warsaw, opened in the end of October 2020. But, it’s not the first place made by Coffeedesk, the older cafe sister you might find in the Wilcza St. So, what will you find in the Próżna Street? First, an elegant but cozy, smartly designed interior with a nice balance of colours. The warm ones like pink (sofas, chairs), orange (bricky wall) and green (plants) are correlated with black ceiling, menu and bar equipment. On the long shelfs that go all the way from the entrance to the counter we find a shopping part - coffee beans from different roasteries, coffee tools, books and ceramics. On the left hand side, behind the wall there is more space for seats, tables and cool neon lamp. Coffeedesk provides coffee workshops so in a new place they remembered about an extra (glass) room only for that purpose. Probably the craziest part of the coffee shop is its toilet which reads you audiobooks and has three different neon light options. 

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All photographs by Ewelina Wiercińska